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Watched the Munster match at the weekend! They did class excellent comeback and well deserved ! Mon Munster … 14- 3


Rugby Saturday

Unfortunately the match was cancelled and delayed by a week so kick off is 12:00 at con on the main pitch! I was so excited ! Had a training session instead! Wasn’t very intense as the team jut went through some moves ! Weather was shocking tho! I hope it improves ASAP


Was coaching 4 kids on Friday morning! Training went very well despite the harsh weather conditions! The kids have progressed a lot and I am seeing massive improvements in there sailing since a month ago! Blogs to follow will go through what we did in the previous weeks coaching !

Sailing agm

Jesus Christ this agm is ridiculous …. So so so long getting absolutely nowhere! People are asking ridiculous questions like! The club ( Rcyc ) needs more coaching like …. Not that hard to sort out! Previous racing results from feva nationals are on the clubs website ..